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Colouring Sheet
Activity Sheet

Other Activities:

  1. For younger children, pile stuffed animals into a blanket like Peter saw in his vision.

  2. Make a puppet of Peter. 

  3. Additional discussion points and questions:  

  • Who are the Gentiles? (Gentiles were everyone who was not Jewish)

  • Who was Cornelius? (A centurion, or officer, in the Roman army.  He believed in the one true God rather than the many gods that most Romans believed in, Acts 10:1) 

  • What did Cornelius see in a vision? (An angel, Acts 10:3) 

  • The angel told Cornelius to call for whom? (Simon Peter, Acts 10:5) 

  • Why was Peter on the roof? (To pray, Acts 10:9) 

  • What did Peter see in a vision? (A large sheet with animals in it, Acts 10:11-12) 

  • What did God tell Peter to do? (Kill and eat because no animal was unclean, Acts 10:13) 

  • Whom did the Holy Spirit fill? (Those who heard the message, both Jews and Gentiles, Acts 10:44-45)

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