Discovery Zone

June Challenge

Discovery Zone Lesson for June 28th


1.  Can you make a breastplate out of materials around your house (a cereal box, paper, maybe something from the toy bin)?

2.  Try the spot the differences in the activity sheet of the breastplate below or print off a colouring sheet and colour a breastplate.

3. The breastplate protects your heart.  Discuss the questions below with an parent or trusted adult on how righteousness protects our heart.

Discussion Questions:  

  1. What is righteousness?  (making right choices and doing what God wants us to do)

  2. Righteousness protects our heart.  Is it hard to make right choices sometimes?  Describe one time (or more!) when it was hard to make right choices.  How did you feel?  What made it hard?  (individual answers but it might be good opportunity to discuss how we can sometimes even get in the habit of making bad choices and how it is harder to notice)

  3. How can we make right choices when it's hard?  (various answers but some ideas:  read the bible to know what right choices are, trust God when it’s hard to make a right choice, ask for God’s strength)

Colouring Sheet
Activity Sheet
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